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5 Jobs You Can Get With a Colorful Record & How to Get There

If you have a colorful background, you may not think there are many jobs available to you. That just isn’t true. There are ways to find work even when you have an arrest record you wish you could erase. Your worth is more than the events in your past—find a job you are good at and that fulfills you. Here are five great jobs you can land with a colorful record. 

1. Web Development

If you have a love for all things technical, you could get a job as a web developer. In most cases, you only need an associate’s degree to get started, and if you’re good enough, you don’t even need that. 

The average hourly pay is fairly high, and the best part about this job is there is high demand. Because than people to fill them, employers in this field are often willing to overlook a record for a skilled candidate.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing, if you’re good at it, can pay quite well. It takes a little time to sort through the various platforms until you find one that offers steady work at reasonable pay, but in most cases, your background is irrelevant to these jobs. 

If you’re having trouble getting started with a platform, start with a blog. Once you get some traffic, you can use that to land better positions. Social media is another excellent way to find freelance writing gigs. From Facebook to LinkedIn to even Twitter, run searches that can help you scope out groups and news about jobs that are up for grabs. 

3. Auto Body Technician

As long as the human race continues to have car accidents, there will be a need for auto body technicians. There is no shortage of customers, but there is sometimes a shortage of skilled technicians. 

It takes a while to get the training on this one, but if you commit to the work you can make a good hourly wage with a high demand for work. A lot of smaller shops, in particular, wouldn’t be so bothered about your background if you work hard and show up with a good attitude. 

4. Commercial Truck Driver

Right now, this is a major shortage of qualified truck drivers, and employers are becoming increasingly desperate. In fact, many logistics transportation companies are willing to give you the training you need to get your commercial driver’s license

While the hourly wage for this job is not the very best, there’s plenty of work to be had. Many companies even incentivize joining the team to grow their employee base. And in addition to the pay, commercial driving can be relaxing—make some money, enjoy some peace and quiet, and get to know the scenic roadside. 

5. Carpenter

Carpenters are always in high demand, and this is work that pays quite well. You could get a job building homes or other structures, or you could go on to specialize in crafting specific items. 

In some states, background checks are required. In other states, they are either not required or employers are allowed to evaluate you on a case-by-case basis. 

How to get there

If you’re ready to start working, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your chances of getting the job you want.

Cut the Habit

If drugs have been a part of your past, don’t let them be a part of your future. If you need help figuring out how to quit smoking weed, consider an addiction center so you can get clean and be desirable to employers.

Learn What’s On Your Record

Not everything shows up on a background check, and some states limit what employers are allowed to see. It may be worth it to do a one time background check on yourself so that you know exactly what employers will see when they run one.

Invest in Training

If your dream job requires a particular skill or licensure, throw yourself into the process of getting the qualifications you need. The more qualifications you have, the less important your background becomes.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Lastly, if a potential employer likes you the moment they see you, they won’t be so bothered about your background. Shave or use makeup as appropriate, make sure your hair is neat, and dress nicely. Smile and be friendly. Most of all, believe in yourself and other people will, too.