What Is Private Money Lending?

Hard money loans are a common type of financing in the real estate industry. These loans provide borrowers with fast funding in the short term with fewer restrictions than traditional financing. Also known as bridge loans, hard money lending is used by real estate investors who flip houses or developers who renovate properties for sale. …

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Housing Real Estate Tips

How To Prepare Your Home for Construction Workers

The warm summer months are the perfect time for homeowners to take on major home projects. The average homeowner doesn’t have the skills to complete a full bathroom or kitchen remodel or build an addition. Hiring a qualified, highly recommended contractor gives you peace of mind that your home renovation project will be done correctly. …

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Business Lifestyle Tips

Why Starting a Church May Be the Path for You

Choosing a career path can be one of the most challenging choices you make. Many occupations require individuals to obtain credentials, which means it could take several years and tens of thousands of dollars to become an ordained minister with an established denomination. You may be able to start your church without obtaining a degree …

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Housing Lifestyle Real Estate Tips

Is It Time for Home Renovations?

Updating their homes is something that U.S. homeowners are constantly working on. Home improvement projects seem to never sleep, and this shows in the more than $400 billion that U.S. households spend on renovation projects every year. The truth is that home renovations are often part of a larger plan to reimagine a home’s space for additional …

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