Business Tips

5 Ways to Grow Your Salon Business

Beauty salons are part of a competitive industry that offers a mix of national chains and locally-owned salons. Growing your new business can be challenging as you need to work hard to get the name recognition and reputation that will provide valuable word-of-mouth advertising.

Here are five ways to grow your salon business.

1. Great Atmosphere

Going to a beauty salon should be a relaxing experience from start to finish. To accomplish this, you need to consider every detail, including the atmosphere and comfort throughout the salon. Creating a refreshment area with drinks and light snacks is often appreciated. Make sure you have comfortable chairs and plenty of tables throughout the waiting area. Choose decor based on the theme of your brand. You can use a company like PaintLoose to buy paintings that will enhance your business, create warmth, and promote a luxurious atmosphere. Choosing paintings, as opposed to manufactured prints, will separate your business from national chains. You can choose paintings that connect to the name or theme of your brand to provide subtle support to what you are building.

2. Client-Centered

Similarly to the atmosphere, taking a client-centered approach to your business means focusing on all the details. Choose a shampoo bowl and chair that are beautiful, functional, and comfortable. Choose hair dryers that are powerful and efficient. Choose products that will leave your clients feeling like queens and kings. Companies like Keller International carry a wide range of different options in salon chairs and equipment you choose. You won’t have to choose between function and luxurious or luxurious and affordable. They have options for salon owners of all sizes. For many women (and men!), going to a salon is a treat due to the expense. Making it feel like a treat will make them feel they are getting a good value for the money they are spending.

3. Social Media Community

Creating a great atmosphere and maintaining a client-centered approach will create a fantastic experience that clients will want to come back for; you will build your brand and customer loyalty. However, you won’t have the chance to gain repeat customers until you have first-time customers. Utilize short videos, pictures, gifs, and TikToks to promote your studio. Work on growing your social media network and actively engage with followers, so you can continue to grow. While you can advertise through social media, you can get a lot of attention for free, which will lower your overall customer acquisition costs.

4. Inventive marketing approaches

Social media should be a primary focus. However, it can’t be your only focus when it comes to marketing. You need to get inventive with your marketing ideas and consider both traditional and non-traditional approaches. For example, you don’t want to overlook community newspapers and publications. Donate gift certificates to local fundraisers and sponsor local youth sports. You can also purchase fun marketing material to be handed out at community events. Consider advertising-free haircuts to people choosing to donate their hair. While you’ll be giving away free haircuts, you’ll be gaining loyal customers who appreciate you promoting hair donation.

5. Explore interesting partnerships

If your area of expertise is hair, considering partnering with other beauty professionals. You can provide space in your salon for their business, and in return, you can work together on marketing to build both clienteles simultaneously. For example, if you bring in someone to do manicures and pedicures, you are going to gain a lot of cross-over clients who want both their hair and their nails done. The possibilities in the beauty industry are nearly endless. Take some time to research what other salons in your area are offering as additional services and try to find something no one else is offering. You might consider laser hair removal, tanning, fake eyelash application, permanent make-up, henna tattoos, or facials. Depending on the amount of space you have in your building, you could even partner with a yoga or meditation studio.