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6 Ways to Boost Style for Yourself and Your Home

The summer is all but here, which means it’s time to give your home and your wardrobe a different look. After the year that was 2020, it’s evident that our homes, including our closets and the contents therein, could use an upgrade.

Before we get back to social gatherings in public and in our homes, it’s time to catch up with the latest trends in interior and fashion design. Continue reading to get some style tips for both yourself and your home.

1. Your roof, front door, and windows should complement each other.


To passersby, the exterior of your home tells the complete story of your home. If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and make it more energy-efficient, your doors, windows, and roof are a great place to start.

Many people underestimate the importance of windows, but they contribute to the look and functionality of your home. One of the most classic design schemes is to match the color of window shudders, doors, and the roof of a house.

Your kitchen windows are a crucial part of your home, so you should only entrust them to pros. For the most energy and cost-efficient kitchen windows Minneapolis has to offer, Mad City Windows is the place to go.

2. Less really is more: The return of the bralette.


You’re more than likely familiar with the axioms, “less is more” and “keep it simple.” This summer, those sayings can apply to your wardrobe and your home design.

A fashion trend from the past you can expect to make a serious comeback is the bralette. If you want to enjoy the sun rays at the beach or when the family’s throwing something on the grill, this classic outfit is the one to dawn.

You can find them at a great price at an off the racks boutique such as Chico’s off the rack. They have a large selection of women’s clothing and jewelry at prices that are friendly to any budget.

3. You can’t deny the power of flowers.


One of the main things you think of when you think of summertime is flowers. You can expect to see plenty of long, flowing, flower-print sundresses between now and Labor Day. However, instead of vivid flowers that contrast with the base color of the clothing, there will be more tribal prints that are more earth tone and colors that blend rather than contrast.

4. Make a splash in the kitchen.


If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen this summer, this year is the year of mosaic prints. Mosaic backsplashes and wallpaper add an air of elegance to your kitchen. The color schemes are wide-ranging, from simple black and white patterns to elaborate color schemes that include the entire light spectrum.

5. Baggy is back.


Do you remember how in the 90’s it was all about baggy jeans and shirts? If you were a teen or pre-teen during those times, you probably would have found it hard to believe that tight jeans and short shorts were once a trend. You would have had even more trouble convincing us that tight jeans would be a trend again, and then from nowhere, there were skinny jeans.

When skinny jeans took over the fashion world, it seemed impossible that we would ever see baggy jeans again, lo and behold, the baggy look is back. Good luck convincing your kids that you used to wear baggy jeans back in the day as well!

6. Maybe it’s black and white.


When you go out to enjoy an evening on the town this summer, don’t be surprised to see a lot of dresses and bralettes that look as if they’re inspired by the new live-action movie, “Cruella.” When you think of black and white, you probably think of simplicity, but it’s the perfect balance of the complete absence of color and the absorption of all color in a single outfit.

If you need some inspiration on ways you can make black and white work for you this summer, let Emma Stone’s rendition of “Cruella” be your style guide.