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Great Ideas for Settling Into a New Home

Moving into a new house is a huge occasion for many people. A new house represents a fresh start for many families, an opportunity to own the place where you live, and a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream for many other people. Reasons for moving into a house include wanting to become a homeowner, a recent change in household size, or wanting to be closer to family members or to live in a new house that’s in a warmer climate. Some also move because they want to be closer to better neighborhoods and schools.

In 2019 there were 6 million homes sold in the United States, while the total of home sales has steadily risen since 2011. Homeownership is something that people across the country shoot for, and often accomplish after years and years of waiting and planning. When you do purchase a house, you’ll want to make the house your own. Below are some suggestions on how best to get settled into a new house.

Do a walkthrough of your home.


Once you are ready to move into your new home, it’s best to do a walkthrough. Doing this when your home is completely empty of furniture, appliances, and even people can be helpful with getting settled into a new house. This allows you to check that all of the required repairs have been completed by the previous owner, while also letting you know that everything which was to be included in the sale of the home is present.

Say, for instance, you moved into a house in Miami, and one of the requests that you’ve made was for your air conditioning ducts to undergo a thorough cleaning so that your indoor air quality is up to par. Hopefully, the previous owner of your home held up their end of the requirement and requested that AC duct cleaning in Miami be taken care of. A walkthrough will help you to make sure everything in your home, even the air quality, is as it should be. This will allow you to better settle into your newly purchased house.

Arrange furniture to your liking.

When you move into a new house you’ll have much more space to plan with. This planning can include whatever type of furniture you’ll add to your décor, and how much of it you’ll add to the new space. If you’ve lived in an apartment, or even a condo, space which you had in those places was limited. Depending on the size of your home, you’ll be able to add more furniture and arrange it however you might want.

When you first arrange your furniture in your house, you might not be as happy with the end result. One good idea is to utilize a digital camera and photo storage site to help you make a decision on furniture arrangements. This is where a good camera phone and accessing some of the best photo storage sites can come in handy. Take pictures of the arrangements after trying out a few different options. After uploading your photos to a photo storage website or cloud storage sites like iCloud, Amazon Photos, Photobucket, Flickr, Dropbox, or Google Drive (which all provide unlimited storage), you’ll be able to see your different selections. From these different choices, you can choose which furniture arrangement works best for settling into your new home.

Host a housewarming party.

Once you’ve unpacked all of your boxes, arranged all of the furniture, transferred all of the utilities to your new home, then you can relax. Part of this relaxing can include hosting a housewarming party. A housewarming party is often a great way to celebrate moving into a new home, but it gives you a chance to unwind after the moving process is completed.

You can also use this opportunity to celebrate the friends and family members who might have helped you to move into the house. Another great part is party goers will bring you gifts for your new home. Whether it’s housewarming gifts for bachelors or housewarming gifts for a family, partygoers will bring those items which can best help you to settle into your new home.

What is the best housewarming gift? A great housewarming gift might include kitchen towels, wooden coasters, candles, a potted plant, or a nice set of food storage containers. Lastly, your housewarming party can give you an opportunity to meet your neighbors, which can possibly be the start of new friendships, and receive even more great housewarming gifts. Having a housewarming party is one of the best ways to settle into your new house.

Help your furry buddy get acclimated to the new home.


When you become a new homeowner, it can be difficult for everyone in a family. You’re moving to an unfamiliar environment, you might’ve left friends behind, and you’re kind of starting from scratch. If that’s how it is for humans, imagine how it is for your furry family members. Your animal is going to be beyond confused, to put it bluntly. They’ve gotten used to a routine at your old home. This might be the first time they find themselves in a new house. When they are moved to a new location, there is going to be a period of adjustment for them as well.

In some cases, they are going to react with a healthy dose of uncertainty and possibly some destructive behavior in your new place. This is where you’ll have to step in and provide your pet with some peace of mind. One of the best ways that you can help your animal adjust is to try to keep them on a regular schedule. For instance, with a dog, try to walk them around the same time every day to give them some sense of familiarity with a schedule. Another easy way that you can help them is to have your pet let out some of their nervous energy. In the case of a cat, this might mean giving them a toy that they can play with. Try to stay home with them during those first few days if possible. Having the familiar presence of someone that they know and love around them can do wonders in helping them to stay calm.

Lastly, try your best to be patient. This is a difficult adjustment period for your animals, and it’s going to take a little time before they get used to a new home. Doing your best to be understanding can do wonders with keeping them calm while also giving you some peace of mind. You don’t want to have taking care of your furry buddy being a hassle. Find the best way to help them. At the end of the day, once your animals become acclimated to their new home, and this will help you to further settle into your house as a new homeowner.