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How to Buy a Used Car: A Complete Guide

When you’re buying a used car, this guide will help you with a strategy to meet your needs. Did you know, when buying new, the value of your vehicle depreciates around 20-to-30 percent within the first year of ownership? This is more of a reason to buy a used automobile since it can save you thousands of dollars. You can find terrific deals while searching, especially on the internet, but make sure to have a general idea and a solid guide before car shopping. Even if you aren’t in the United States and you’re looking for auction cars for sale in Ghana, you can use this guide to help you.

Setting Your Budget

The first thing you need to do is set a budget. The car you’re looking for needs to be set within a perimeter of what you can afford. You wouldn’t go to a Mercedes dealership if you could only afford a used Honda. So before going car shopping, make sure you know what you can buy without breaking the bank.

Research Brands and Models

Now that you’ve found a budget, it’s time to start figuring out what vehicle is suitable for your needs. If you have a family you should be looking for an SUV or minivan. But if you just need to run errands or get to work, then maybe a small sedan to get around. You can narrow this down by making a checklist of exactly what you need the car to do.

Figure Out Mileage and an Acceptable Year

This is an important part when you are searching for a used car; figuring out what mileage you need in the vehicle. If you’ll be doing a lot of driving then you will want a vehicle that gets more miles per gallon of gas. Since gas isn’t cheap like it once was, you will want a small engine, like a four-cylinder or V4.

Search for the Right Car

It’s time to go searching for what make and model you’ve decided fits your needs. You can get a head start by looking on the internet or calling some used car dealers. Maybe you want to be old-fashioned and go browse the car lots looking for your prized automobile.

Use Price Guides and VIN Numbers

In order for you to find the best price refer to online price guides. These guides will ensure that you aren’t duped by the car salesman and that you pay a fair price. Now that you’ve found a fair price, obtain the Vehicle Identification Number to search for an incident report. All cars have a VIN. This is to keep track of whenever the vehicle gets into an accident or has extensive damage.

Determine Full Expense

You will have to sit down and take a fully comprehensive diagnosis of how much the car will cost in total. The price and tax on the vehicle, license fee, registration fee, insurance, and the price of gas. Don’t forget to weigh in these important figures as well.

Buy Insurance Before Purchasing

In order for you to be able to drive a vehicle, you must have insurance. Before purchasing a car make sure to have insurance so you can drive your vehicle home directly with you, just in case anything happens on the way home.

Determine and Test Drive the Car

It’s time to test drive the vehicle to make sure it’s in good shape and to see if this is the right one for you. Usually, you will be able to tell if it’s made for you when you drive the car.

Negotiate and Purchase

Most used car dealers will increase the cost of their vehicles so they can make a handsome profit. This is where your price guide comes in hand; now you can haggle the final price with them.

Drive the Vehicle Home

Congratulations! You made it; you now purchased your car. This is the best part of all, driving your vehicle home with you.