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How to Design Your Dream Home

Building your dream home can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. You may only have one chance to get things right and remember all the things you want to incorporate.

You’ll also need to regularly check in on the construction crew to ensure they’re following the plans and learn about any issues that may affect your design. You may also need to consult several experts to address every stage of the process. Following these steps will ensure your home is perfect when it’s complete.

Create a checklist.

Make a list of the most critical features you want in your dream home. This should include indoor and outdoor features, as well as structural details if you have specific preferences. For example, you may prefer an industrial design look and want a home with concrete floors and metal cabinets. You may also prefer a natural look and want wood floors and trim throughout your home. The sooner you identify the key components you want in your home, the easier it will be to create your dream home.

If you’re unsure which features are most important to you, take some time to tour properties. Many builders have show homes you can tour. You can also read some home design articles to learn about home designs and the key features that define each design style. You’ll also want to consider where you want to build your dream home. The location could have an impact on your building options. For example, in some areas, it may not be possible to have a basement. There are also municipal bylaws that could affect your design options.

Choose a builder.


Unless you’re an experienced builder, you’ll need experts who can secure the permits, hire relevant tradespeople, and oversee the construction of your home. If you’ve never worked with a builder before, you can ask friends and family members for recommendations. You may also have an electrical or plumber you hire to perform repairs at your current residence. Ask them if they work with any local builders and who they recommend.

It would help if you also did your own research beforehand. The Better Business Bureau can confirm if a builder has had complaints filed against them. Ask for references, and don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions before hiring a builder. You should feel completely comfortable with the company you choose. Talking to several builders will help you get a sense of who you’d like to hire.

Discuss specifics.


Talk to potential builders about specific design features that are important to you. For example, if you have pets, you may want to have pet doors installed. You may also want to have a room constructed for litter boxes or pet supplies. You may want to have shelves installed along windows to hold pet-safe house plants, such as rosemary and spider plants. If you like plants and want to grow plants indoors, it’s a good idea to customize an area of your home to capitalize on natural sunlight. You may also want to have water lines run to the area where you plan to keep your plants to make it easy to water them regularly. Choose your plants, verify their care needs, and determine what design features you want added to ensure you’re pleased with your plant area.

You can also have outdoor sprinklers installed to make it easier to water your lawn and garden. Consider your outdoor electrical needs when you’re designing your home as well. If you want to hang strings of lights in your backyard or enjoy putting up seasonal decorations, you’ll need to ensure you have enough exterior outlets to plug in lights and decorations.

Discuss your site options with potential builders. You may have inherited property and plan to build there. You may also opt to consult a realtor and purchase property independently. Builders sometimes offer lots for sale, but these lots may be reserved for constructing a series of homes in a new subdivision and have a specific design plan they’re following. Identify your options to ensure you secure the right space for your home.

Exterior Design

Your yard is a critical part of your dream home. If you’re thrilled with your house but hate your yard, you won’t be living on the property of your dreams. If you’re able to take care of it, a pool is arguably the best way to elevate your yard to the next level.

Google “swimming pool builders in Tampa” (or wherever you live) to find pool builders in your area. Search for pool builders who offer customized design plans. Yard sizes and shapes vary widely, and you’ll want to install a pool that fits your space perfectly. You can opt to include a waterfall feature. You can also supplement your pool with other outdoor features, such as a firepit. If you want to make your outdoor space a recreational oasis, you could also opt to add an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can include counter space, storage, barbecues, pizza ovens, and grills. If you love to cook and don’t want to miss out when you’re hosting a family pool party, your outdoor kitchen can be designed to allow you to grill food while you’re overlooking the pool. If you opt to work with custom pool builders who offer other outdoor features such as kitchens, you won’t have to compromise. Instead, you’ll get the perfect outdoor features to fit your space and needs.

Familiarize yourself with applicable bylaws that may affect your design plans. You may be required to install a fence if you have a pool. You may also opt to install motion sensors and pool alarms to ensure nobody falls into your pool.

Interior Design


Hire an interior designer who can help you transform your space to suit your taste. While builders focus on materials and the location of critical components, such as kitchen cabinets and staircases, interior designers use colors, textures, furniture, and other items to complete your indoor spaces. Find an interior designer who understands your aesthetic. For example, if you favor an industrial look, they may procure some unique art features constructed by repurposing old appliances.

Whether you used a Canadian Couch Potato portfolio to earn the funds to build your dream home, received an inheritance, or saved the money from your salary, a dream home should meet your needs and desires. Identifying the essential features, working with professionals to develop the design, and incorporating other desirable features to fit your property will ensure you’ll be satisfied with your dream home for years to come.