How To Keep Vape Smoke to a Minimum in Your Home

Vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking in recent years. Indeed, it’s become even more popular with the spread of the recreational cannabis industry across the United States.

Even though vaping doesn’t cause dangerous secondhand smoke the way smoking does, it’s still a turnoff for many people. So, how can someone who vapes and someone who doesn’t coexist under the same roof? In this brief article, we’ll discuss some ways to keep your vape smoke to a minimum.

Ensure proper ventilation throughout the house.


It’s easy to blame the smoker in your house for overindulging if your house smells like a big cannabis plant. However, the problem might lie in your HVAC system. Without proper ventilation, the vapors from cannabis products will hang around for a while, and with time, your home could come to smell like a cannabis greenhouse. The best way to ensure you have proper ventilation in your home is to have an HVAC contractor inspect your system.

You could also put a portable air filter in the areas of the home where you do the most vaping. Vremi kitchen air filters are great for any room in the home and promote pristine air quality. It’s one of the best air purifiers in its price range and is powerful enough to service a large kitchen. Indeed, regular HVAC maintenance and placing air purifiers throughout your home are great ways to ensure the clean air quality in your home.

Switch your vape pen.


Taking large puffs is a traditional part of the cannabis experience. However, changing your vape pen and vaping methods could go a long way toward keeping vape smoke to a minimum. In a perfect world, all vape cartridges and pens would be created equal, but that’s not the case.

If you have a large vape pen, you should consider swapping it for a Monarch or California Sauce vape pen from the Legion of Bloom. Legion crafts top-tier cannabis products and their vape pens are no exception. Furthermore, Legion is an eco-conscious Northern California cannabis company that works to ensure its products are safe for consumers and the environment. By switching to one of their small, single-use plastic pens, you can reduce plumes of vape smoke to minuscule cirrus clouds.

Vape in a designated room.


Of course, the only way to eliminate vape smoke in your home is to not vape indoors. However, if that were the solution you were looking for, you wouldn’t be reading this article. So, the best way way to have your vape and smoke it too (while indoors) is to limit your vaping to a designated room in the house. You should choose the basement or the area of the house that others least frequently visit.

Vaping is different from smoking, but it can still cause discomfort or irritation for those who don’t enjoy vape products when you vape in their presence. The last thing you want to do is cause strife in your household over the odor from your THC vape cartridges.

Of course, the best way to keep your home from smelling like a vape shop is to smoke outdoors, and if you prefer vaping inside, then choose a designated area for vaping your THC and CBD extracts. It’s also a good idea to ensure proper ventilation in your home, as this will help dissipate the odors from the terpenes in THC and improve the overall indoor air quality. Switching your vape pen to a small, discreet one like the Monarch could also greatly reduce the volume of vapors you exhale. Finally, you could limit vaping indoors to special occasions. If you follow these tips, no one will know that you vape in your house unless they see you in the act.