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Shower Designs To Try for Your Next Renovation Project

Too often, your bathrooms get overlooked. Whether you have more pressing home improvement projects or you want to focus your attention on a kitchen upgrade or two, it’s understandable if you haven’t thought much about the commode. While you don’t need to go over-the-top and create a full-fledged salon experience, some design ideas can take a new shower and turn it into a focal point of your home.

From choosing the right shower walls to picking out the right soaking tub, here are some ideas to revamp your showers for that salon-ready atmosphere.

Consider your uses.


If you only go into your bathroom when needed, you may not need to invest in something like Kohler Luxstone showers. However, if you like to spend some extra time getting ready, primping, or even enjoying a nice bubble bath, you need to think about the shower space and how it fits in with both your shower system and your bathroom as a whole. In fact, Kohler products might be the perfect fit here. Kohler Luxstone is a brand known for luxurious and extravagant shower designs, from the shower base all the way to the faucet head. If you want to feel like you’re taking a trip to the spa each time you step into the shower, this is a great idea.

You can also consider extra accessories for your shower, tub, or hybrid. A Kohler Luxstone shower is a great start, but add-ons like shelves, high-end tiles, and a faucet that provides a wonderful variety of sprays are all worth considering. Think of how relaxing it would be to skip the nail salon and do your gel nails at home while you lounge in the tub. With a bit of gel polish, a UV light, and some cuticle oil, you’ll feel like you’re getting a professional Mani/Pedi combo without taking a step outside your front door. It’s definitely smart to consider your usage when you’re thinking of adding to your shower design.

Develop a cohesive design.


When you’re picking out tiles or shopping with different merchants, it may be tempting to choose a shower design simply because it comes with a lower minimum monthly payment or consumer loan programs finance it. However, after the promotional period’s expiration, you’re then stuck paying off a product you might not be in love with. While items within a promotional period might seem like a steal to some homeowners, you should choose your shower components based on your bathroom design and what actually goes with your style.

If you need some design assistance for a shower replacement, plenty of brands work with homeowners to make the right decisions. You should look for designers that aren’t subject to credit approval and don’t require personal information outside of a general contact form. This will keep costs low and communication to either your email address or phone number. You can then discuss different design options that will form a more cohesive whole that works with your bathroom and the rest of your home. Always look for a warranty during the purchase of goods. That way, if there are any issues with your new shower design, you can make adjustments as needed. Quality assurance is a must when it comes to renovations.

Consider form and function.


While you want your shower to look as beautiful as possible, it also needs to be a functional component of your home. After all, your bathroom can serve its purpose while still feeling like a spa. Look at customer reviews from qualified purchasers and discuss products with your local dealer to make the best choices.

Whether you’re going over financing details for consumer credit plans or you’re looking to add some regular polish to your existing shower, there are plenty of design options to consider. The final choice, however, is up to you.