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How To Prepare Your Home for Construction Workers

The warm summer months are the perfect time for homeowners to take on major home projects. The average homeowner doesn’t have the skills to complete a full bathroom or kitchen remodel or build an addition. Hiring a qualified, highly recommended contractor gives you peace of mind that your home renovation project will be done correctly. While you may not be doing any labor during the building process, you do need to get yourself and your home ready for construction work.

Construction work comes with inconveniences.


You will experience some inconveniences when undergoing construction work. A professional crew will do their best to minimize mess and disruption, but even still, construction work is disruptive. Think about how you will cook if your kitchen is under construction. You’ll need to have a safe place for your pets to stay if the noise is too much. You may consider staying in a hotel while construction is taking place depending on the scope of the project. The best way to prepare for construction work is to ask your contractor about the project timeline and what limitations you’ll have during construction.

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Put your valuables somewhere safe.


Any personal belongings that have monetary value should be put out of sight. Whether you have valuables in the work area or not, it’s a good idea to avoid temptation. Put any valuables, prescription medications, and personal documents in a home safe, or remove them from your home and store them somewhere secure.

Clear rooms of as many personal belongings as possible.


The fewer items you have out, the fewer opportunities for things to break or get dusty. Clear as many electronics, decor items, and pieces of furniture from the work area as possible. Remove large items like sofas, area rugs, and cabinets from the work area if you can. Your contractor may offer to clear rooms of items for an additional fee if you aren’t able to do it yourself.

Establish acceptable boundaries for workers.


Workers should only be in those areas of your home that are under construction. Your home isn’t a free-for-all when you aren’t there. Talk to your contractor about acceptable boundaries for workers and discuss the use of facilities. Prepare your bathroom for workers by removing nice linens and personal items and stocking it with a roll of paper towels and toilet paper.

Offer the work crew refreshments.


It’s not obligatory to feed a work crew, but you should at the very least offer refreshment and snack options. Cold water will be greatly appreciated by workers, especially when working in the heat. This small act of kindness may help motivate workers to finish your project sooner.

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Construction work isn’t the most convenient, but packing up your valuables, removing belongings from work areas, and establishing boundaries for workers are some good ways to prepare for construction work.