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How to Grow Your Franchise With Strategic Video Content

When you run your own business, you can start to feel like the Mad Hatter with all the different hats you have to wear. Of the many roles you play, the most important one is that of a digital marketer.

Digital marketing has earned its respect as a viable way to increase brand recognition and profits, and content videos are among the most popular digital marketing tactics. Engaging original video content can make you an influencer, which would be great for you and your business. Continue reading to get some effective tips for creating content videos that will captivate viewers and grow your customer base.

Work with content creation experts.


If you’ve never made a content video before, it can be intimidating. It’s not like going live on your social media platform and making small talk with viewers while doing something extraordinarily unremarkable like eating chips or watching a movie. If you create content that informs, inspires, and entertains, you can greatly increase your target audience. However, if your content is subpar, you could end up doing your brand more harm than good.

Sometimes, being a smart entrepreneur is all about knowing when to delegate or outsource certain services. If you’re not an experienced content creator, you should let Coldea Productions‘ team of innovators and videographers craft your content video campaign. They have years of experience providing video production services and can help you create content that best reflects your brand.

Find your niche and stick to it.


Many small business owners prefer to manage their own content video campaigns. Indeed, doing it yourself is a great way to save money, but there’s much to learn if you want to maximize your efforts.

You should already have a vision for your brand and the type of video content you intend to create—in other words, you need to find your niche. No matter what industry you’re in, the chances are that some of your competition is already creating digital content, so your goal should be to find ways to set yourself apart.

If you’re a franchisor, you might create content about how to spot great franchising opportunities. If you’re a real estate agent, you could create videos teaching people how to shop for their first home. The key is to share your expertise while remaining engaging.

Be Consistent


If you want to make a difference with your content videos, you must realize you’re in a marathon rather than a sprint. Content creators who become bonafide influencers are often the ones who keep plugging away rather than those who pull the grandest stunts, and it’s because search engine rankings favor consistency.

You should make a concrete schedule for releasing content, and you should release content at least once a week and on the same days every week. Creating a schedule for your content and sticking to it will increase the chances that viewers will tune in for all of your videos.

Don’t be afraid of humor.


If there’s one line we all remember from the Batman movie “Dark Knight,” it’s the Joker’s iconic line, “Why so serious?” Remember, one of the objectives of content videos is to entertain, so don’t be afraid to incorporate some humor in your content. We’re not saying you should write a standup comedy routine, but all you have to do is watch content videos from other influencers to see that tickling the funny bone is a great way to grow your audience.

With the entire world going digital, content videos are one of the most effective ways for small businesses to reach and grow their target audience. Video content that captures important moments, instructs, or illuminates new opportunities to watchers will always be able to pique the interest of many. Finding your niche, being consistent, embracing humor, and creating content that’s true to your brand is essential to success in your video production endeavors. So, are you ready to increase your brand recognition with captivating content?